How we work

At Studio van der Grift we believe in the power of material: it is our guide when creating furniture and lighting objects. We care about how materials make you feel. It’s important to match the feelings of the customer. In addition, we ensure that the original production processes of the customer are compatible with the material we have in mind.

Pushing boundaries is what we aim for. By using raw materials efficiently to being able to recycle, reuse, or repair, we challenge ourselves to develop sustainable furniture and lighting objects. It is never the form that leads: it is the extension of what already exists. A beautiful, intriguing, sustainable material is the foundation

How can we apply this material? That’s the question we ask ourselves in the next step of the process. We work out details, determine shapes and bring material, shape, sustainability and functionality together. Experience and perception are leading. We make sure to keep in mind how the end user, the customer, experiences a piece of furniture. It does not always have to be practical. A piece of furniture or lighting object by Studio van der Grift is complete: from form to material to detail. They are enjoyable to use and will last for generations to come.